Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crafts from the heart...t-shirt quilt for my daughter!

Making a t-shirt quilt is a way to create from the heart! One thing I love about being a crafter is how special it is when you can create something that says how much you love a person, or that reminds a person of special times in their life, or when you create something that will last a life time and be passed down to the next generation. A t-shirt quilt does all those things!

T-shirt quilt.
T-shirt quilt.

Kids have all kinds of t-shirts. How did I decide which ones to use? That was easy, the problem was there were just way too many! While going through the stacks of t-shirts I had saved for this project for years, I'd pick up t-shirt after t-shirt and say, "Aww, remember this one when we..." There were so many that the quilt ended up being larger than King size! It will keep a family of ten warm one day, if our family is ever that big! 

We were fortunate enough that my husand and I had jobs where we were able to travel a good bit and many times, we were able to have our daughter with us when we traveled. We also had the cruise bug. Our daughter's first cruise was a family cruise to Alaska. We also sailed the Carribean as a way to research islands that might be potential (early) retirement locations for us. By the time our daughter was eight, she had made the Carribean circuit! She had the cutest, brightest shirts from all our ports of call. And, all had great memories of fun in the sun and being with our little family. Of course, there were also those t-shirts that came with school field trips to the zoo or other family vacations, like to Washington D.C., as well as softball team shirts where she was coachd by her dad. 

t-shirt quilt detail
Elvis border
Looking to create your own t-shirt quilt? Do lots of research on techniques. There is a really good tutorial on my Pinterest page. One of the challenges is that when you save t-shirts for years, the t-shirts' range in sizes. Be sure all the squares are the same size and work hard to center the designs and determine the best size of the square that works for all the t-shirts. Be sure to stabilize the shirts with iron on interfacing before you cut out the square. This will help with keeping the knit fabric from rolling up while you are sewing the t-shirts together. And of course, a rotary cutter is a must! Don't try to do this with sissors. 

If you are creating a special project like a memorable t-shirt quilt, or any other type of special gift, always remember to sign it. 

T-shirt signage
Quilt signature

Have fun with your design! It is the gift of a lifetime! It means just as much to the person who created it as it does to the one who receives it--the gift comes from the heart. If you are just starting to store your babies' t-shirts, then, keep surfing, pinning and creating until it's time to create your own special t-shirt quilt!

Keep surfing, pinning, and creating!

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