Friday, October 14, 2016

Warlock and Witch Halloween Wreath

Warlock and Witch Halloween Wreath
Meet Walter Warlock and Wilma Witch! This Halloween wreath took on its own personality as I was creating it!
Here are some of my supplies.

The foam wreath and balls, raffia, warlock and witch hats, plus orange tulle came from Hobby Lobby.   The spider and flowers came from a party store.

Taped crepe pepper around the foam wreath form. 
Cut 26" strips of tulle. Wrap tulle around foam. 
I used floral wire to tie the tulle securely around the wreath. 
I covered the balls with white tissue paper, painted them green, and then painted them with Mod Podge. Then I drew my face design. 

I used raffia to make the hair for under their hats. The hair is attached with these floral push pins. And so are the hats. 

Hint: Using a nail pushed into the foam ball made it easier to hold the balls while painting the faces. 

I attached the warlock and the witch heads onto the wreath using push pins, then attached the spider and purple flowers. 

This is my helper, Snickers! 

I hope you found these instructions helpful! 

Happy surfing, pinning, and creating!

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