Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year! Three Beaded Necklaces with Tassels that Sparkle and Shine

Beaded necklaces with tassels.
Happy New Year! I made these three necklaces today! Either of them would be great to add sparkle and shine to any outfit for any occasion!

With these strands from Bead Treasures at Hobby Lobby, it is easy to coordinate the strands to make a long necklace, then just add a tassel! Here is how to pull it all together.

Supplies for beaded necklace with tassel.
See below for type of stringing thread I used to string the beads to make the necklace. 

Here's how to make a tassel. I love using crochet thread. It is soft and has a great look! Wrap the crochet thread around a piece of sturdy cardboard. I used a piece of cardboard that was four inches square. I wrapped it approximately 100 times, as the thread was thin. With an extra piece of crochet thread, tie the threads together and slip off the cardboard. You can use a touch of glue to the knot for a more secure tassel. Wrap thread around to make the tassel and trim the ends.

How to make a tassel.
Determine if you will add beads to your tassel. Using a eye pin, pick up the thread you used to tie the tassel. Add beads. Make another eye at the end of the pin. I used Beadalon stringing thread shown here from Hobby Lobby. 

Beading thread.

For a special affect, I added ribbon to one of my tassels. I thought it really gave the tassel a different look. What do you think? 
Tassel with added ribbon.

Hope you like my designs from today! 

Keep surfing, pinning and creating in 2017! 


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