Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pinecone Starter Kit with a Twist

DIY Pinecone Starter Kit with a Twist
Just wait until you see how beautiful these pinecone starter kits are!  You won't want to burn them! And they smell good too!

Using easy to follow instructions by Jen Carreiro at Something Turquoise, I made these beautiful blue pinecone starter kits that smell like apple pie! Jen did an amazing job with her post! The instructions are clear and very detailed. She even included great tips!  Here is the link to her post,

See below for the products I used for this project.

Don't you just love how they turned out...and I wish you could smell them!

DYI Pinecone Starter Kits smell like apple pie.
I was so excited about how these turned out and then I learned I could add salts in the process so that the pinecones burn with a colored flame! WOW! I had to try that too! I sprinkled epsom salts onto these white pinecones in between dipping them in the wax. It is a special twist to this already amazing project! These pinecones will have a white flame. The scent for these pinecones is Ocean Mist. Aren't they heaven? 

DIY Pinecone Starter Kit for your fireplace
Other flame colorants are listed below. Luckily, these are common household chemicals but please remember to keep out of the reach of children and pets. 

Table Salt - Yellow
Borax - Yellow/Green
Epsom Salts - White
Boric Acid - Green
Strontium Chloride (found with aquarium supplies) - Red

These are making great Christmas presents this year!

DIY Pinecone Starter Kits for Christmas presents

For blue pinecones, scented with Apple Pie: 

For white pinecones, scented with Ocean Mist: 

Please be careful when burning pinecones in your fireplace. Keep small children and pets away.

Happy surfing, pinning and creating!


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