Sunday, February 19, 2017

No Tools Required to Make this Fish Necklace

No tools required to make this Suede Fish Necklace.

That's right! No tools required to make this quick, fun and easy fish necklace! No experience making jewelry? No worries! This quick tutorial will step you through how to make this necklace without any jewelry tools!

The supplies you will need are: 
Supplies for Fish Necklace
All my supplies came from Hobby Lobby.
Fish Necklace Step One
Step 1: Using 30" suede or leather cord, tie a lark's head knot around a silver ring. Tie one over-handed knot on either side about half an inch up from the silver ring, lining them up evenly. Add a bead to each side, tie one more over-hand knot. Using an over-handed knot, tie the ends together. 

Fish Necklace Step 2

Step 2: Using a 25" suede or leather cord, tie an over-hand knot about two inches from each end of the cord. Add one of the plastic silver beads on either end and tie an over-hand knot to secure. Bring both ends together, and fold again about two thirds of the way up. Use a lark's head knot again to attach the cord to the bottom of the silver ring. 

Fish Necklace Step Three

Step 3: Cut the cord so you can add the fish beads. Tie another over-hand knot at the end of each fish bead to secure, but adjust the beads to complement each other. Cut off the access cord. 

How simple is that? 

Fish Necklace Detail

Fish Necklace

This project was quick, fun, and easy! Again, NO TOOLS REQUIRED! 

Keep surfing, pinning, and creating! 

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