Sunday, November 26, 2017

Paper Marbling - DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping

Who doesn't love Christmas wrapping? But wouldn't it be fun to create your own gift wrap using the Turkish art form ebru, or paper marbling? That's what I did this week! 
These pieces were so much fun! It got me into the spirt of Christmas!

Paper marbling
As you can tell, I used the same colors for all three pieces. But, I also created different patterns for each--the bullseye, the chevron, and the stone. Can you tell which design is which?

Paper marbling
With paper marbling, all pieces are one of a kind! Each piece is different! 

Paper marbling
That's what makes these papers unique and one of a kind, but as you can see, they can be coordinated by using the same colors. 
Paper marbling for Christmas gift wrapping
I think the three go together very nicely and will look great on packages under a Christmas tree for the holiday season!

Happy Marbling! 

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