Monday, November 6, 2017

Paper Marbling Redo

Having the correct instruction and better materials provided a wonderful outcome with my paper marbling redo! I was so obsessed with marbling that I enrolled in an online class called Clouds on Water by Barb Skoog. So much better results than last go around! 

Paper marbling patterns.
I still have lots to learn and to practice but if you are following my blog, you see how far I have come in such a short time. Less than a month ago, I didn't even know what marbling was!

Barb Skoog's "Clouds on Water" was exactly what I needed to learn all the details on marbling, an ancient art form called Ebru. Barb provides detailed write-ups and videos with step-by-step instructions, which are clear and easy to understand. The videos are professional and fun to watch! You will be mesmerized by her work as well! 

Here are my first two pieces out of the tank. I learned two lessons from these two. For the design on the left, I learned to fill the tank with paints before placing your paper down. For the design on the right, I learned you really need to have a good grip on your paper when placing it into the tank. The diagonal line you see is actually a technique that can be used for another effect on paper, but not exactly what I was going for! 

Paper marbling patters with issues.  
Using different paints this time made a huge difference. During my initial attempt at paper marbling, I used regular craft paints.  This time I used Golden's Fluid Acrylic paints from Amazon. I purchased the set of ten. And, Liquitex paints which I ordered from Dick Blick Art Materials, which came in a set of eight colors. You can use both of these soft body acrylics together in the tank. They have wonderful colors! 

I had much better success with my next few pieces! This design was created with a chevron pattern. 
Paper marbling, chevron pattern.
The design below was created with the Geigit pattern using a stylus. 

Geigit pattern for paper marbling. 
A half Geigit was also used for the design below. Any white reflections in the photos are reflections of the lights above my work space.

Paper marbling.
Here is a photo of several designs while they were in the tank. 

Paper marbling, designs in the tank. 

Here's a bull's eye pattern developing in the tank. 

Paper marbling, carrageenan bath in the tank with acrylic paints.
Here is the outcome.

I used a 18x24 inch acrylic tray for my tank. I still used carrageenan for my bath (sizing), which came in my kit I ordered from the "Clouds on Water" online course, along with the tray. Other materials included in the kit were my stylus, alum, eye droppers, Photo-Flo, plastic broom straw, comb, and rinse/cover board.

Please keep following and watching for more posts about marbling. I'll be 'at the tank' the whole month of November!

Paper marbling on the line to dry. 
Happy Marbling!

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