Monday, November 13, 2017

Paper Marbling Take Two

Paper Marbling
Last week I shared with you that I had enrolled in an online course to learn how to marble on paper. This week I'd like to share with you the pieces I have created during this course. 
Over marbled paper marbling design
Out of the 23 pieces I have created the last two weeks, I have four favorites. The first one is an over marbled designed. I marbled it once and then started completely over and marbled it again using the same color paint pallet. I just love it! 

Black and white boulder paper marbling design
The photo doesn't do justice to this black and white design. There is white paint used on this piece that shows up beautifully on top of the white paper. It is such a great two-dimensional piece! 

Here is a closer look, but this picture still doesn't show off its real charm! 

Black and white boulder paper marbling design close up
Free hand paper marbled design
Mind you, it takes great skill and practice to learn how to manlipulate the paints once you have them in the tank. But I was pleased with this first attempt at designing some type of leaves and flowers. Do they look like tulips to you? 

Free hand paper marbled design 
This design just makes me smile! I did bull's eye patterns all the way down the tank with bright colors. Then used my stylus to make figure eight patterns at the top left and then the bottom right at each bullet to create this crazy design. What should I call it? I decided on "Curly Cutie!" 

Okay, I actually have five favorites! The pattern above is similar to the one above it. Isn't it funny that I ended up using the same paint pallet? I found that I have done this multiple times with other designs I created. And, I didn't do them back to back but in between many other pieces with different paint pallets! Here are a few designs where I realized later I had used the same paint scheme but created different designs. 

Red and blue paint pallets for paint marbling, two designs
Yellow and blue, with a little red mixed in for these two paper marbling designs
As a matter of fact, if you'd like to see all my 23 designs, including a really cute papier-mâché anchor, click on this link to see the video I added to my new Youtube channel! 

I am digging into Barb's fabric marbling online course over the next few weeks, so follow my blog to receive updates on new posts! Also, I'm getting into the Christmas mode already, thinking about how I can use my new art form for a little Christmas decor! I have lots of ideas rumbling around my head, along with a few sugar plums! 

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Happy Marbling! 

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