Friday, December 29, 2017

allmymarbles, llc - coming soon!


 allmymarbles, llc.

Vickie Jernigan, designer/owner

I am taking on a new adventure! I am creating my new business and my brand for allmymarbles, LLC. I will be both the owner and designer. I will produce and market individually designed products using Ebru (marbling), a Turkish art form. 

Marbling is a process in which acrylic paints float on a water bath. I create patterns, then apply  paper, fabric, or wood products on top of the bath to absorb the paint. The products will be sold in this final form, or they can be accessorized and embellished to make more elaborate pieces.

I have been working hard on my branding, starting my website, and creating my products! 

Here is a sneak peek of my scarves (11x60) I created!

marbled scarves will continue to be here for a while, but I will be transferring over to my new website soon! Continue to follow me for more information! 

Marbled scarf
Marbled scarves
Happy marbling!

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