I'm a crafter, not an artist! I can't draw a stick! I like to surf the internet, from Pinterest to YouTube, searching for ideas to use to create all kinds of crafts in my space--my craft room! Matter of fact, that's how this blog got started! My daughter moved out of the house for college and I took over her bedroom as my craft room, because before that I had always used a closet or the 'dog' room as my space. So now it is finally my turn to have an area that is all mine!  

I work full time as a Technology Director at a private school. I work a lot of hours! My space is where I create and forget all the techy stuff! It is my space where I relax and have fun! I don't get to play in my room as often as I would like. And, I can only create when I'm IN THE MOOD! I'm sure many of you are like me in that way. I do love my space. Some times I just go into my craft room, sit and brain storm. 

I have been married for a long time to a wonderful husband! We have an only daughter who is a recent graduate of Auburn University. She is a theater design and technology major. She's the artist in the family. She obviously didn't inherit that trait from me, but from my mother-in-law (RIP: 12/04/2019).

Snickers, my helper!
My helper (photo above) is Snickers, my long-haired silver dapple dauchound. She's a pill but I love her so! She stays beside me during all my crafting or else she is wanting to go out for the 100th time, wanting to eat, or barking...just a typical doxie! You'll see photos of her in my post, along with her sidekick, Bo...another story!
Update: RIP Snickers 2017/11/29 I'll always think of you when I'm crafting! 

Visit often to see how I use what I find surfing to craft, sew, mosaic, and much, much, more, plus decorate my craft room...that's a never ending project! My newest passion is marbling (Ebru).

In the meantime, keep surfing, pinning, and creating! 


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